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2008 - 2016
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Help using search

You can search the Holy Quran text and your preferred translation language. You need to set the translation language from Preferences before searching in that language. There are some specific ways for typing your search query in order to have better search results as following.

Keyboard Setup

For searching Holy Quran text user is required to add Arabic from Settings in the iPhone. For translations also add the relevant keyboard. When searching for Holy Quran text you do not need to type the vocalization "Diacritics" or Tashkil, Harakat e.g (Fat'ha, Kasra, Damma, Tanwin or Zer, Zabar, Pesh) as we have made searching more simpler for users.

Searching for a Specific Word

To search for a specific word try entering a space character either before or after your keyword.

Searching by Verse numbers

You can search by verse numbers in the following ways:

- 33:33 or 33.33 will list verse number 33 of Surah number 33.
- You can search a number of verses by inserting a comma "," between each block of reference to a verse for example 21:73,32.24,4.59,36:12,13:7,11.86,8.33 will list all 7 verses.

Holy Quran App

Our aim is to make the Holy Quran more accessible and searchable as a primary reference and to help users find the required information quickly and easily. We are gathering topical references to the verses of the Holy Quran in the References section which is a form of bookmarking. This App enables users to read the Text as well as the translation & commentary in all the supported languages. We have integrated a search feature which enables users to search for a specific verse or a keyword in the Holy Quran Original Arabic text, translations and commentary.


1. Farsi translation by Ayatullah Makarim
2. Farsi commentary (Tafsir e Noor) by Ayatullah Qaraati
3. English translation by Muhammad Sarwar
4. English commentary (Al-Mizan) by Allamah Tabataba'i
5. Russian translation by M.N.O Osmanov
6. Tatar translation by Yakub Ibn Nugman
7. Turkic translation by Yasar Nuri Ozturk
8. French translation by Muhammad Hamidullah
9. Dutch translation by Salomo Keyzer
10. Urdu translation by Muhammad Jalandhry
11. Bosnian translation by Mustafa Mlivo
12. Portuguese translation by Samir El-Hayek
13. Spanish translation by Julio Cortes
14. German translation by Abu-r-Rida Muhammad
15. Azerbijani translation by Vasim Məmmədəliyev and Ziya Bünyadov
16. Malayalam translation by Cheriyamundam Abdul Hameed and Kunhumohammed Parappur

Sources Links

1., Holy Quran text
2., Translations
3., Farsi translation
4., English translation
5., Farsi commentary
6., English commentary


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