Introducing a highly optimized and searchable Holy Quran application for iPhone. alQuran will enable you to read entire Holy Quran as well as translations and commentary in various languages. Listen to verse by verse recitation of the Quran and recitations of many other famous reciters. Search the Holy Quran text and translations easily and quickly.


  • Searchable Holy Quran
  • Over a 100 translations in more than 30 different languages & adding...
  • Bookmarking and References to verses
  • Easy scrolling
  • Verse by verse Recitation
  • Recitation of many famous reciters
  • Easy to use interface design
  • Book Style Reading Experience
  • And much more...
  • Note: verse by verse recitation is only available for Qaari Shuraim and Husari at the moment but others will be added soon. Those users finding Shuraim recitation fast can choose Husari instead. Audio section can let you play all recitations.

We would appreciate your reviews of the app if you can spare a few minutes to make this app superior.

What's New

First of all we thank almighty Allah for helping us successfully releasing alQuran v2 and all our users who appreciated our work specially those users who contributed financially.

NOTE: After upgrade if you find translation text unreadable specially for right to left scripts, please go to settings and update translation and same for commentary.

  • Completely redesigned UI from scratch.
  • Arabic title for chapter names.
  • Now you can also browse by Juz as well as Surah.
  • Dedicated settings section.
  • More enhanced bookmarking with notes option.
  • More precise and enhanced search.
  • Double tap verse by verse recitation start shortcut.
  • Long awaited Audio controls.
  • Start recitation from where you left off.
  • Device lock state recitation playback.
  • Recitation section allows you to keep listening to chapter while you are reading another chapter.
  • More reciters for verse by verse recitation.
  • Uthmani Quran text with different fonts to choose from.
  • More precise and smooth Quran text.
  • Now you do not need to bookmark before closing the app. alQuran will load again from where you left off.
  • Now you can download all recitations for the selected reciter in one click.
  • Compare translation option. Now you can compare between all the available translations.
  • And many other features you will discover while using the app.